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to draw you must close your eyes to sing

- pablo picasso

Artemus Events brings art and music to the bespoke event and occasion. It invites artists and musicians to explore their craft in the most intimate of settings and provides an avenue for the public to experience art in a very personal and intimate way.

Artemus Events was established by vocalist, performer and event producer Kacey Patrick following a conversation with good friends Annette and Guy Lewington. Passionate patrons of the arts (particularly fine art), Annette and Guy expressed their desire to open their home to Gold Coast-based artist Maki Horanai, to offer Maki an exhibition space and the opportunity to share her extraordinary paintings with their immediate and wider community on the southern Gold Coast. Thus, Artemus Events was born.

This first series of events  - 'Celebrating the Art of Maki Horanai' - was especially curated to compliment and celebrate Maki's art, as well as bring music, food, wine and community into the Lewington's beautiful home at The Ecovillage in Currumbin Valley.

Following the success of this initial endeavour, Artemus Events has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to once again bring exhilarating and inspirational events to the southern Gold Coast community. As the Gold Coast evolves and embraces a new creative spirit following the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Artemus Events is very excited to be partnering with Dust Temple, to bring a series of Jazz concerts and events to Currumbin. The extraordinary space that is Dust Temple, is the perfect venue for an exploration of original jazz and improvised music, offered by extraordinary regional, national and international musicians.