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Dangerous Song | IN CONCERT

Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O’Keefe

Thursday February 14, 2019

Dangerous Song is sublime - “meditative”, “magnificent” and “sacred” were words spoken by so many. After the show, after the applause had died down, people didn’t move - a hushed reverence and feeling of transformation had taken over, and no one wanted to lose it. This is the most poignant, delicate and exceptionally beautiful work of art - a magical, empathetic, absorption into nature.

Jacqueline Twigg



““Absolutely incredible!! So wonderful to see something so powerful, authentic and unique. It really touches my heart. Thank you so much for what you are doing.”

– Talara Blackwood (December 2016 World Premiere)”

Once upon a time there was a planet called Earth. During many millions of years a rich, complex and beautiful ecosystem developed with an incredible variety of lifeforms. Over time one of the animal species in this ecosystem became dominant and their impact on the planet was so massive that many of the other species could no longer survive and became extinct. We take up the story during this extinction period, but the story is not told with words, as words have fallen on too many deaf ears for too long and people have stopped listening. The story is told through sound, through the voices of the animals themselves that are endangered. These animal calls speak directly to the heart in a way that words cannot. They are joined by one lone human voice, a voice of empathy, using no words but conversing and intertwining with the calls of the animals. There is no narrative, we already know most of the story, even if we choose to ignore it and don't know the ending. So this piece is a song for the Planet, an inter-species choral work, and they're singing for their lives! If their calls don't affect you then nothing will.

Dangerous Song is a performance piece that combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered and extinct animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance. This musical collaboration between Linsey and Lizzie has created a new musical language with structured, yet very free improvisation at it’s core. It takes us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine. A sort of sonic morphing. Linsey plays animal calls using a midi wind controller where breath, lip pressure and fingering control real animal call samples. He uses Live looping technology to instantaneously record layers of music as he plays. Lizzie joins him weaving her voice in and out of the musical landscape of animal sounds.

“DANGEROUS SONG – BLUE (Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O’Keefe) ★★★★☆

……… O’Keefe’s luminous singing is often dappled with a profound sadness that humanises what have could have been an ecologically well-meant but rather academic exercise. Pollak, a creative force in Australia for 40 years, brings a dazzling breadth of imagination to bear in using these elements to create instantly engaging pieces, in which organic and more electronic sounds intermingle and dance like a school of tropical fish about O’Keefe’s yearning soprano. An element of drifting playfulness is even allowed to aerate the waters on the delightful Anemone.

John Shand (Sydney Morning Herald music review)


Linsey Pollak | Lyrebird (breath controlled animal calls) 

Linsey is well known all around Australia as a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He has toured his solo shows extensively in Europe, Nth America and Asia since 1996, recorded 33 albums (solo & with various groups) and performed at most major festivals around Australia where he has devised many large festival pieces such as “BimBamBoo!” (Woodford and Brisbane Festivals), “Sound Forest” (Qld Music Festival) and “The Dream of Zedkat Nabu” (APRA Performance of the Year - Queensland 2013).

Linsey has a reputation for making and playing instruments made from found objects such as rubber gloves and carrots, - his TED talk on Creativity (while making a carrot clarinet) has drummed up over 5 million views. He has spearheaded the Art of live-looping since 1990 developing solo shows such as “Knocking on Kevin’s Door”: “Playpen”; “The Art of Food”; "Making Jam"; “Cycology” and “Live & Loopy”.  

Lizzie O’Keefe | Voice

Lizzie is a dynamic and commanding vocalist. Studying opera, classical and jazz from an early age, Lizzie has developed a completely unique signature style. She has lived and performed in Australia, Indonesia and the UK. During this time she has recorded with the Mitchell and Dewbury Band (Brighton), Jazzanova (Berlin), Razoof (Cologne) and Drumagick (Brazil). Whilst living in Indonesia she formed the duo Paramitsha, releasing a self-titled EP in 2013. The project pulled on many strains of world music, from flamenco, Arabic and jazz to folk and classical. 

Having returned to Australia early 2013, Lizzie is now based in Maleny, Queensland. She released her debut solo EP Leaden Heart, in mid 2014, with the title track making her a finalist in the jazz category for the 2015 Queensland Music Awards. Since January 2015, Lizzie has been working with Linsey Pollak to develop Dangerous Song, producing two shows and releasing an album.

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