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Karl S Williams

Karl S Williams | solo set

WITH SOFIELLA & The Handsome Husbands | FRIDAY NOV 1st, 2019




The way music comes through Karl S Williams, is a deeply personal experience for anyone. On our behalf, Williams dives through experiences that shape us, mirroring our own love and anguish, inviting us to stand in his music’s solace with him. As Williams plucks that thread – whether with a feather touch or anguished grasp of desperation – he lays the sounds on the stage and delivers us all an opportunity to transcend. Be reassured. Know the feeling. You are not the only one.

At a time when a straight edge razor drawn across the cheek of Karl S. Williams would have collected no follicle, the young musician heard music that sounded like where he came from. The gently undulating fields of Australian sugar cane, tea tree-logged river banks of his childhood and the dark lush rows of coffee plants stood before him as a working man seemed reminiscent within The Song.

Can one feel nostalgic for a place they’ve never seen? What was it about this music that recognised a fresh-faced loner on the other side of world, so new to the pursuit of The Song that he hadn’t taught himself to play guitar yet? Music like this – that embodies Karl S. Williams – is evoked at the mention of a certain place and time. It was born there, like hope. Crushed from human experience. Distilled with universal soul; shone with the essential human spirit to where it is at once unadorned and yet staggeringly beautiful. Karl’s voice is made from that music. He is a conduit that freely bellows, whispers and soars across many octaves, and intones around and in-between the stories and experiences you have survived.

We say we will “go and see” a performance. “Have you seen him?” we say. But your eyes can’t be trusted, here. Your ears alone, might better appreciate the situation, as did venerated music critic Noel Mengel, who called Karl’s debut album Heartwood [2014], “so good it might even save your life.”

What an artist like Karl S. Williams proves is that despite birthplace or position, colour or intention, music affirms the notion of universal soul. There is a common thread that binds us and Karl sees it; feels it looped around his wrist, rubbing at his back, spun lightly between his fingers. In the dark and by sunlight he follows it: into people’s ecstasy, across their despair, underwater with their fear, and across the long, dry, plains of their heartbreak. 

I love discovering artists who have that special it – the Zeitgeist – watch out for Karl! Peter Noble, Festival Director, Bluesfest 2015

He’s a wrecking ball, a loaded gun. He’s an unmerciful magistrate. He’s “a daisy-cutting, motherfucking judgment day.” The Guardian 

He can channel the pain of life and warp it into beauty.Beat 

For all the visual dichotomy Williams’ aesthetic might provide, it is absolutely superfluous once he begins to play. I don’t take any notes. I have no words. Blank GC

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