IMAGE CREDIT : David Belusic

IMAGE CREDIT : David Belusic

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RHIANNON & Laurence Hobgood

Wednesday AUGUST 7th - Saturday AUGUST 10th, 2019

RHIANNON | voice
Laurence Hobgood | piano


ABOUT | The Two Of Us

Perhaps the most impressive part of the evening was the connection and sense of play that Rhiannon and Hobgood displayed and embodied every second...  The natural give and take between these two is palpable. - Nate Hall,

Laurence Hobgood and Rhiannon join hands and voice in this project of improvisation and jazz standards. These masters of voice and piano, respectively, are bringing this collaboration to Australia for the first time. Invited to headline the Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival, they will then journey to the Gold Coast for four days of workshops and performance.

This will be an opportunity not to be missed! You are invited to be transported, absorb, engage, to make to music and learn with with two of the Masters of jazz improvisation.

WEDNESDAY August 7th | PBC Jazz Festival GALA | Guest performers

THURSDAY August 8th | CIRCLESINGING Workshop with RHIANNON | At the OLD DAIRY COMMUNITY HALL (The Ecovillage, Currumbin Valley)

THURSDAY August 8th | Jazz Singers Jam Night GC | At Dust Temple

FRIDAY August 9th | PBC Jazz Festival | Workshops with the students from the CAX, instrumental and vocal programs

FRIDAY August 9th | “The Two Of Us” PERFORMANCE | At Dust Temple

SATURDAY August 10th | “It’s All Music” Workshop with Laurence Hobgood and RHIANNON | At the OLD DAIRY COMMUNITY HALL (The Ecovillage, Currumbin Valley)

SATURDAY August 10th | “The Two Of Us” PERFORMANCE | At Dust Temple


"Rhiannon is a LIGHTNING BOLT. The charge is continuous, illuminating and revitalising." - SUSAN LACHMANN, WOMEN ON AIR

A “vocal improvisation master.” - New York City Jazz Record

RHIANNON is a vocal artist with a vision of music as a vehicle for innovation, healing, transformation, and social change. A vibrant, gifted singer, performance artist, composer, and master teacher, Rhiannon has been bringing her unique and potent blend of jazz, world music, improvisation and storytelling to audiences for over four decades.

From her stellar collaborations with the all-women jazz ensemble Alive! to a cappella ensemble SoVoSo’ to Bobby McFerrin – Voicestra, and Gimme5, to her groundbreaking solo and ensemble performances, Rhiannon has paved a unique path as an independent artist. In recent years she has continued to refine her improvisation work by performing in two ensembles: a cappella trio WeBe3 with Joey Blake and David Worm, Spontaneous, featuring renowned instrumentalists Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuña, Otmaro Ruiz and Jetro daSilva.. These groups have toured internationally, giving completely improvised performances. In 2012 Rhiannon Music released Spontaneous, a live improvised recording. Rhiannon continues to enjoy touring and teaching with Bobby McFerrin in the US and Europe.

Rhiannon’s most recent collaborations include jazz pianist, composer, arranger, producer, Yamaha® artist and Grammy® winner Laurence Hobgood. Rhiannon and Laurence perform a powerful combination of compositions and improvisations in a duo called The Two of Us. Award-winning choreographer Margie Gillis joins Rhiannon to collaborate in a workshop/performance: The Nature of Voice and Body. Rhiannon also creates performance pieces with dancer Shizuno Nasu of Volcano Village, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan. Their performances are rich with the cultural mix of the ancient dances of the Shinto temples and the raucous blend of jazz, soundscape and world music. Bridging cultures, they meet in the universal world of improvisation. They perform in Hawaii and in Japan with other musicians and artists sharing an environmental message, The Ocean Regards Us All As One.

The powerful body-based vocal improvisation and sound healing process that Rhiannon teaches internationally in workshops and retreats is a result of living in these times as an artist on the cutting edge of music and theater. She offers an international year-long training called All The Way In with more than 125 graduates who continue to meet in annual reunions as well as collaborative projects resulting from their work in All The Way In.

Rhiannon’s long-awaited book about her life and teaching methods, Vocal River, The Skill and Spirit of Improvisation, was published in 2013. Read more about Vocal River.

When she is not touring, she lives and works at Leo Nani Farms on Hawai’i Island, growing food and “cultivating the arts through farming.” In 2016, Ha Lau Leo Nani, The Gathering Place at Leo Nani Farms, was built. This singing barn hosts Rhiannon’s workshops and teacher trainings, as well as gatherings with other selected teachers from Rhiannon’s extensive group of colleagues around the world.

Laurence Hobgood

The sheer beauty of Hobgood's tone and touch are worth savouring. - Chicago Tribune


One of the finest pianists out there. Period. - JAZZ TIMES

Piano virtuoso. - THE NEW YORK TIMES


Contemporary virtuoso pianist, collaborator, composer, arranger, producer, educator, Yamaha Artist, multiple Grammy® nominee and 2010 Grammy® winner Laurence Hobgood has enjoyed a multi-faceted and dynamic career. Recognized for his dazzling piano technique and his signature style of composing and arranging, he's been transporting audiences both at home and abroad for over thirty years. 

Coming from an arts family (his father was a celebrated teacher of theater and his mother an accomplished Appalachian folk artist), Laurence started playing piano before he could walk. He began formal classical study in first grade in Dallas, Texas, where his dad was chairman of the Theater Department at Southern Methodist University. When his father accepted the equivalent position at University of Illinois the family moved to Urbana; this is when Laurence transitioned to studying jazz -- and never looked back. 

Highlights include: three consecutive Fellowships to the Aspen Music Festival (1990, '91, '92), being chosen as a 1995 Chicagoan of the Year in the Arts, a 2003 Deems Taylor Award given by ASCAP for the year’s out- standing music journalism, multiple Grammy® nominations and a 2010 Grammy® Award. He's played at many of the world’s most prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the White House, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Tanglewood, Hollywood Bowl, and the Sydney Opera House.

For almost 20 years he served as pianist/arranger/collaborator/co-producer for singer Kurt Elling during which time he wrote virtually all of the material on Elling's first ten albums, all of which received Grammy® nominations.

In 2003, Hobgood received ASCAP's Deems Taylor Award, given for outstanding music journalism, for his article 'The Art Of The Trio' published by JazzTimes magazine. 

His 2007 CD When The Heart Dances (Naim), a duet recording with iconic bassist Charlie Haden, has received worldwide critical acclaim, garnering 4-star reviews from Downbeat and the UK’s Mojo magazine among others.  From the Mojo review:

Alert listeners have known for years that Kurt Elling's long-time accompanist- collaborator Hobgood is one of the best pianists of his generation. He's joined here by bass legend Charlie Haden on a sumptuous, elegiac set of duets, beautifully played."

Hobgood’s February 2012 release, PoemJazz (Circumstantial), is an adventurous collaboration with poet Robert Pinsky, the only three-term U.S. Poet Laureate. It features Pinsky’s energetic readings of his poems, with an emphasis on musical phrasing rather than dramatic phrasing,  coupled with Hobgood’s engaging, thematic improvised accompaniment, played live in studio simultaneous with Pinsky’s recitations. (A second PoemJazz CD, House Hour, was released in 2014.) 

Hobgood’s 2013 release Christmas (Circumstantial) was chosen by both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune as one of the top Holiday CDs of the year. 2013 also saw the debut of the Laurence Hobgood Quintet, featuring the great Ernie Watts and Marquis Hill on trumpet. Downbeat magazine’s review of a performance concluded: 

Hobgood obviously embraced his leadership role, playfully interacting with the audience and providing insight between each composition. Whatever he ends up doing next with his pen and piano, it will no doubt be swinging. And he’ll have plenty of fans anxiously awaiting to hear his future projects.

He’s currently involved in an ongoing recording/performance project, "Poemjazz", with 3-time U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky; their second CD, "House Hour", was released in 2015.

IMAGE CREDIT : David Belusic

IMAGE CREDIT : David Belusic

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