SEPT 14 | SoundTrak

SEPT 14 | SoundTrak


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Featuring | Ben Walsh (drums) + Shenzo Gregorio (strings)


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$25.00 | AT THE DOOR

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Shenzo Gregorio (strings) + Ben Walsh (drums) are SOUNDTRAK

Defying instrumental parameters, Ben + Shenzo are two of the most prominent advocates of their instruments in Australia. This unique duo have, between them, had a hand in an incredible array of unique music in Australia and Internationally such as... The Bird, Circle Of Rhythm, Four play string quartet, Tom Tom Crew, Scotch and Soda, Orkestra of the Underground And Backbone...among many others.

Soundtrak inspires a rich visual, atmospheric experience for the listener. Ben + Shenzo apply exquisite layers of sound texture with their virtuosic displays and unusual instruments and applications. Constantly challenging themselves and each other to create a big sound out of a mere duo, using technology to enhance the highest quality of musicianship. Focused on improvisation and instrumental music these crazy musicians hold a space where literally anything can happen..They constantly explore ways to conjure sound from their motley collection of percussion and strings using non-conventional techniques, often striking and bowing with bizarre objects producing wonderfully surprising results..

A uniquely Australian duo, rich with worldly influence & served with a sprinkling of punk. It's not jazz, or folk, classical or world, it's a soundtrack to our world as it is now - a melting pot of countless influences, beautifully complex and impossible to predict or define.