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Through His Eyes

Celebrating the lives and loves of Kosuke Araki

Kosuke Araki passed away of cancer on Saturday 2nd March, 2019. We will be celebrating his lives and loves in a special gathering for family, friends and community on Saturday March 30th at the Old Dairy Hall, Currumbin Ecovillage (Currumbin Creek Road).

Please RVSP, if you and your loved ones will be joining us. Following a welcome and story sharing, we invite everyone to join us in a meal with community. Please bring a plate to share and BYO beverages.



Kosuke and his wife, Filippa and their two children, Taiji and Kayo have lived in the Ecovillage for over 12 years. They have lived on the Gold Coast since moving to Australia from Japan in 1997.

Kosuke lived many lives in his 63 years. From his early years involved in film-making, left-wing activism and the underground arts culture of Tokyo in the 70s, he then travelled overland via India, Nepal, Iran and Turkey to Egypt. In Cairo, Kosuke lived for 5 years studying Arabic and middle-eastern culture and religion and working as a tour guide at the pyramids. He formed deep and lasting friendships during this time.

Upon his return to Japan, Kosuke worked for a time in Events management and then became a TV producer and director of documentaries, quickly rising to the position of chief producer and was highly respected in his field. He made documentaries around the world, some of which were shown internationally, including the BBC.

Kosuke was 36 and a confirmed bachelor when he met Filippa in Tokyo in 1992 through a mutual friend. They were soon living together and married in a Shinto ceremony in Kyoto in 1994.

Kosuke and Filippa travelled around the world for 13 months in 1997 before moving to Australia, to the Gold Coast in 1998 to start a new life. Kosuke became a certified Eco Tour Guide and is regarded by many in the industry as a leader and mentor. His tours were funny and knowledgeable and he loved the interaction with his international clients and sharing his home with visitors from around the world.

When Kosuke and Filippa discovered the Ecovillage in Currumbin Valley in 2004, they knew they had found the place that they could both be happy. Their home was the second house to be built with Kosuke assisting in the build.

Their eldest son Taiji was the first baby born to the community in 2005 and their daughter Kayo was born at home in 2008. While helping to build the house and juggling his night-time tour guiding work, Kosuke was also a stay-at-home dad.

Kosuke was an incredibly creative person who loved art, music, photography, architecture, literature, language, philosophy, religion, history and more. He was a homebody and very happy in his own company. He was also a dedicated family man who loved the daily routines of his children’s lives, from violin practice to making sushi for school lunches and teaching them Japanese on the way to school.

Kosuke was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tongue cancer in April, 2018. He dedicated himself to his treatment and recovery program with unfailing commitment and self-discipline with the support of his family and friends.

He died peacefully at home at 8pm on Saturday March 2nd 2019 surrounded by loved ones with his sister Michiko singing the Japanese national anthem to him over the phone from Japan:

May your reign continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations

Until the pebbles grow into boulders

Lush with moss

As she sang the final word of the song, he gently breathed his last breath and his heart stopped beating.

With the support of the Natural Death Care Centre in Byron Bay, Filippa chose to keep Kosuke’s body at home for three days so that family, friends and community could say goodbye. One of his closest friends made his coffin, which people then decorated. Another friend had the idea of erecting a Japanese Toriii gate at the entrance of their garden, signifying the gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds. On Tuesday March 5th, the coffin was escorted from the house, through the Torii gate and accompanied by a large procession through the Ecovillage to the entrance and then taken for cremation.

Kosuke was a mystery man and even his dearest friends feel that they only knew a small part of him. The gathering - “Through His Eyes” - on Saturday March 30th will share some of Kosuke’s lives, loves and inspirations, and celebrate this creative and worldly man, and much loved husband, father and friend.